Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Ready to redecorate to live in more comfort or style in 2020? Want to learn how to do so without spending a fortune?

Impressive Interiors is now offering an E-Design online service.

This service is perfect for many decorating projects:

- when you are starting a DIY project and need information, product suggestions or ideas

- when you want to know how to integrate the new paint colours of the year

- get ideas for stylish new family room or dining room furniture

- learn how to create a more current interior style without changing everything in your room

- get ideas for organizing your laundry area or master bedroom closet, etc.

E-Design NOW! Professional design & decorating advice at your fingertips!

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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I'm excited to start using the new colours! And, I am thrilled to see that blues are on trend - I’ve been waiting for it. Blues can be cool and freshen a space, or be a deep hue to create a sophisticated look. Though I’m not too keen to suggest the pink tones for walls, I will integrate it into my designs with art, area rugs, pillows, throws, vases, etc.

If you are feeling the same as me, so very tired of seeing so much of grey, grey and more grey painted walls with silver light fixtures and white accents, you'll love the new trend colours that have much more ‘personality’. This season, be sure to pick colours that make you feel good! I’d suggest adding the new Benjamin Moore colour Golden Straw to brighten your foyer making it a welcoming space the moment you step into your home. Then, try the Crushing Green or Blue Danube in your home office on an accent wall, add a wood desk or a contemporary new style one with gold legs and the richness of the colour will create a comforting backdrop behind you while working. Include some more metal touches that are all the rage, such as gold lamp shades, photo frames, or art with splashes of gold. You'll see, you will want to work forever in your new cozy office!

I’m also very excited to work with my next client who wants to renovate their bathroom, so that I can use the new Crystalline or Windmill Wings paint colour to create a sparkling clean spa look that will awaken their senses every morning, before starting the day off with that great alive feeling!

I love using colours to evoke feelings and showcase the personality of the homeowner. It does take time, but it is my favourite part of decorating!

Have a look at all the newly released colour palettes for 2020 - then tell me your favourite one! I am curious to see what colours excite you!


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